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M-1 Speeder tests out rail, patiently waits for parked vehicles to move

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Better luck next time, speeder

The first testing started today for the M-1 rail, or QLINE, with a handy little, poorly named "Speeder" vehicle. Crain's reports that, "Beginning Tuesday, the vehicle will travel the rail line between Larned and Adams streets downtown as part of a testing regimen that "ensures that the route is free of obstructions taking into account the physical dimensions of the vehicle and ensures proper maintenance of traffic," M-1 Rail said in a statement Monday."

Detroit resident Mark Hall was out and about Tuesday morning and noticed a little bump in the road, you might say. A US Postal Service van was parked in the rail line, blocking the speeder for a good 27 minutes.

Finally, after a long wait and some phone calls, the speeder could go about its business.

But wait, a second obstacle was met later down the road!

Oh, the poor speeder wasn’t too speedy today. Mark also made a collage of all the vehicles that blocked the path of the testing this morning.

The good news? It’s only a test, and the first of many. Perhaps once we start to see more speeders and/or train cars, we’ll get used to them? Perhaps signage will be clearer and better? Maybe communication will improve?

Deadline Detroit also posted a video of the speeder in action.

The M-1 rail/QLINE/streetcar train will begin operating in the first part of 2017.