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1897 North End farmhouse needs so much work, asks $100K

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Live out your farming dreams in the city

We found another listing where we see the potential, and is great for someone who wants to do a lot of work, both with renovating a house and with the land. But no joke, it’s a lot of work that needs to be done. It’s 2,500 square feet with a side yard and additional lot, and it’s asking $100,000.

Located around the corner from the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, this property also has views of the Illuminated Mural and the Fisher Building. It’s two blocks off of Woodward, just up from the future M-1 rail. It was built in 1897, according to the listing, when Horton was paved with wood planks. It does have new windows, a partially new water main, and a new 200 amp panel, but it still needs some demo work done before renovation. It has four bedrooms, one bathroom, and a big attic. Could this be someone’s dream home in the future?