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Tony Hawk just bought a mansion in Detroit!

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Welcome your new neighbor, Woodbridge

Jim Tumey from the Loft Warehouse tells us of a big sale in Woodbridge today. Tony Hawk and family have bought a pretty great property in the city. It’s a big old mansion built in 1900. Now, it’s theirs.

Hawk has visited Detroit quite a bit in the past, donating $30,000 to a skate park in 2013. And hanging out on Lee Plaza a couple years ago (do NOT try this at home, or there, kids).

The @birdhouseskateboards team is dropping into The D: tomorrow, Riley Skatepark, 3pm. Photo: @camera_jesus

A photo posted by Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) on

No word yet on their plans here. Hawk has been posting a few pics around Detroit recently, including this one on the road. Can you guess what he was listening to?

Currently killing it on snapchat tonyfrankhawk

A photo posted by Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) on

And he was checking out the Up house in his new neighborhood.


A photo posted by Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) on

Welcome to Detroit, Tony and fam!

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