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Which Rosedale Park house would you choose?

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Vintage details? Of course!

Today, we’re taking a look around Rosedale Park to see what’s available on the market. Which house would you choose?

This first house on Penrod St. has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, 1,700 square feet, a nice front porch, and a finished third floor. It has very few pictures, but we can see the front, back, and a couch and TV. It’s asking for $140,000.

This big brick house in Grandmont seems to be trapped in time, with a wood-paneled bar in the basement, green carpeting in the common areas downstairs, and some interesting wallpaper in the kitchen. It has four bedrooms, 1,820 square feet, and lots of potential. Just tell your friends it’s vintage. It’s listing for $99,900.

This cute house on Glastonbury has 1,700 square feet, three bedrooms, one and a half baths, and it’s move in ready. It also has hardwood floors throughout, a detached garage, and it’s asking $75,000.

And this big house on Warwick Street in Rosedale Park is over 2,200 square feet, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a very black and white kitchen, and carpeting. It also has a unique basement bar, a backyard, and a detached garage. It’s asking $165,000.