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Detroit Public Schools launches goal for Little Free Libraries at every school

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That’s 97 schools in 97 days

Chrysler Elementary School
Michelle & Chris Gerard

Detroit is already home to many Little Free Libraries all over the city. Now, in an attempt to increase literacy among Detroit kids, a bold goal of placing a Little Free Library at every Detroit school has been launched.

Alycia Meriweather, the new interim superintendent of Detroit Public Schools Community District, announced a campaign to provide free books to kids through the Detroit Schools Little Library Project, a collaboration with the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, Detroit Little Libraries grassroots campaign, and the national Little Free Library organization.

The goal means 97 libraries at 97 schools in 97 days! According to the national Little Free Library organization, no school district has ever attempted this and it could become a another touchstone in the national narrative around Detroit’s turnaround.

"If Detroit can pulls this off, it could become a model for cities across the country," says Tony Bol, of the Little Free Library, a nonprofit organization based outside the Twin Cities. "We’re excited to help Detroit and see where this could go."

Those who’d like to help have a few options. First, they could sponsor a library in their neighborhood. They could also donate to the crowdfunding campaign. Supporters could also build their own Little Free Library. Or individuals or groups could become promoters of the campaign. All info can be found here.