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North End fixer-upper, close to M-1, asks $80K

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Original details!

It’s our hope that the M-1 rail lives up to its hype and serves as an easy, convenient way for people to get from one part of Woodward to another. It certainly seems like a lot of real estate is banking on it. Last week, we saw this old farmhouse in the North End ask for $100,000. Today, we have another North End listing that needs an awful lot of work, but also has quite a bit of potential. It’s listing for $79,900.

This one has good bones, as they say. Built in 1910, it’s just over 3,400 square feet, with five bedrooms and one and a half baths. It has a new roof and the front porch has been rebuilt. It has a lot of great details, like the untouched staircase and mouldings and trim throughout the downstairs. It’s locate a block off of Woodward a few blocks up from the last stop on the M-1 rail. Tell us what you think, Curbed readers.