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Beautiful Woodbridge home with shared yard asks $325K

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Built in 1909, this Woodbridge house is loaded with charm. The listing claims it was a former boarding house. It was recently remodeled and the woodwork and details are pretty spectacular. It’s 3,125 square feet and it’s listing for $325,000.

Aside from the beautiful staircase, a wood-burning stove in the parlor, a gorgeous front porch with a big swing, and sweet little nooks throughout, one of the more unusual parts of this property is its shared backyard. The landscaping is lovely, with a big patio and lots of room to entertain.

4310 Commonwealth St.

It’s such a friendly neighborhood. But back to the inside, this house has five bedrooms and two and a half baths, including a third floor that’s been converted into a master suite. The kitchen has a bit of an odd layout, but the rest of the house just might make up for it. There are built-ins, big closets, great hardwood floors, and lots of character. This is a good one. It's being sold through Toni Jennings at City Living Detroit.