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Corktown development updates: More residential on the way

Trumbull will be one busy street soon

The corner of Michigan and Trumbull will always be known as the corner. And while the baseball field is currently being dug up for PAL, which will turn it into their headquarters and a new field, the broad scope of work in that area is starting to look clearer.

Recently, the Detroit News reported more details on the residential moving in to the corner by spring 2018.

"Eric Larson, president and CEO of Larson Realty, told The Detroit News his planned $35-million project known as The Corner should break ground by early 2017, and will take about 16 months. There will be about around 105 apartments, 35 townhouses and 35,000 square feet of retail space skirting the ground that once housed Tiger Stadium."

The plan is a little behind schedule, and slightly bigger. Ten more townhouses were added, and they will be for-sale properties. 20% of the apartments will be affordable housing.

PAL expects to open their headquarters and new artificial turf field next summer.

Across Trumbull, we have a clearer, although still vague, idea of what could happen next. The Detroit News reports that Detroit-based developer Soave Enterprises filed plans to build behind the Checker Cab building on Trumbull, which Anthony Soave also owns. The plan is for four new buildings with 89 units. The area contains mostly empty lots around Plum, Elizabeth, and Brooklyn.

According to the Detroit News,

"In early August, the city’s board of zoning appeals began to review a request by Soave to build "four new mixed-use buildings" on its’ Corktown land. Each of the buildings would have commercial uses on the ground floor with residential units on top. Plans are for one building to have 45 units, another to have 40 units and two other buildings to have five units, according to city documents."

Part of the plan could also be to turn the Checker Cab building into lofts, which has been rumored for a while.