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Midtown carriage house, or garage, sells for $235K

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This property has seen all the price points

We followed the listings for this interesting property in Midtown for quite a while. It marketed as a carriage house, although it’s way more garage-like. Its location is great, but the actual structure was ...unusual. We first saw it in March of 2015 when it was listed for $349K. Readers thought they were out of their minds for asking that much. A year later, it was down to $305K. Still, a bit of a stretch. Now, we see that it was purchased in July for $235,000. Guess it was time to sell.

The place has 1,300 square feet, a finished loft-like upstairs, and a garage downstairs. There’s no main house to go with this one; it just sits on Third Street. Here’s one last look at this unusual property.

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