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Exclusive: Hidden midcentury gem at Chateaufort Place asks $245K

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1504 Chateaufort Place Vizzi Mixed Media

It’s not often we see a unit in the Chateaufort Place cooperative hit the market. Many of the families who moved in when it was originally built still live there. We visited 1504 Chateaufort Place back in 2012 when it listed. Now as the family looks to expand, they're selling. After some renovations and a changing market, it’s listing for $245,000.

When they bought it in 2012, they remember driving by and first looking at the modest one-story buildings, and thinking it looked like a sleepy community. But once they stepped out of the car and started walking through the pathways, they looked at the beautiful midcentury modern architecture and the variety of trees and knew they were somewhere special. Over time, attending potlucks and meeting their neighbors, they realized they found one of Detroit's best kept secrets.

1504 Chateaufort Place Vizzi Mixed Media

The couple bought the unit in 2012 and it hadn’t been renovated since the original construction. It had carpet, some floor to ceiling mirrors, all in all some not-so-great retro features. They did a full renovation, taking out the galley kitchen and opening up the living space, plus refinishing the one of the bathrooms.

1504 Chateaufort Place

The couple loves the community, saying it’s a great mix of younger couples, middle age professionals, and older Detroiters who have lived there for quite a while. Since it’s a cooperative and decision-making is more involved, you get to know your neighbors more. They say although the day-to-day feels like living in a condo, it’s a bigger sense of community overall.

These units don’t get listed on MLS often because people often sell through off-market, private deals. The comps don’t get registered if they’re not listed, which impacts appraisals. This seller wanted to help out the neighborhood by listing, even though they had interest within a day of posting that they wanted to sell. They are holding open houses this weekend from 1pm to 4pm.

This unit is 1,500 square feet, with three bedrooms and two baths. This unit also has a gate in the backyard that leads to a soccer field in Lafayette Park. It’s close to the Dequindre Cut, downtown, Eastern Market, and the Riverfront.

The $723 monthly HOA fee covers property taxes; grounds maintenance; plumbing, electrical, and HVAC maintenance; landscaping; and snow removal.