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Renovated condo at Indian Village Manor asks $299K

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We’re fans of this building

Indian Village Manor is another secret gem in Detroit. Located on Jefferson next to Alden Park Towers, this 1921 building has 89 large condos that don’t share a wall with any neighboring condos, making them private and quiet. Many units also have their own service elevator in the back. They also have lovely architectural details and big windows. This one is no different. It’s 2,280 square feet, fully remodeled, and listed for $299,000.

This condo also has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, lovely built-ins for glassware, a tiny kitchen, a dining area that overlooks the river, and its own washer and dryer. The living room also has built-in shelving on both sides of the fireplace. The HOA fees are a steep $1,042 per month. This unit has a dedicated garage space and access to a private park-like space shared by the building along the river.