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Former AMC HQ in northwest Detroit could be demolished

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Should it be razed or could it be used again?

After an attempt to sell it for $500 last year (plus $232,000 in back taxes), the Detroit Free Press is reporting the the old American Motor Corporation Headquarters on Plymouth Road could face demolition.

The property did have a bidder who backed out.

The site is currently about 35 acres. The building has a large tower flanked by three stories of offices. The building itself was home to AMC headquarters, and then housed Chrysler admin offices until 2009, when Chrysler moved all remaining employees to the suburbs.

According to,

"The vacant plant sold in 2010 to a private company for $2.3 million dollars. It eventually ended up in the hands of Terry Williams, a businessman who announced he wanted to convert the former factory into a treatment center for kids with autism. Williams had an extensive criminal history, which included a conviction in 2004 for running an automotive chop shop.

Through 2013 most of the activity at the plant was demolition related. The buildings were extensively scrapped, with the entire metal-frame 1940 addition completely demolished for it's scrap value. Williams ended up back in prison on unrelated charges in July of 2013, by which point the complex had been gutted. It was seized by the courts in the summer, and has been abandoned since."

The property could go to the Wayne County Land Bank by the end of the year. It’s situated near 96 in northwest Detroit. What do you think, Curbed readers? Could a developer make this a viable office again? Or should it be razed for a different development?