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Arden Park gem with guest house asks $279K

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Rustic and modern

This unique Arden Park home is something you’d expect to see in northern Michigan, and with good reason. The listing says it was "custom built by John Hall, founder of the Bay View community in Northern Michigan." It has beautiful stone detail inside and out, big porches and decks, and an unfinished guest house. It’s listing for $279,000.

It sits on the corner of Boston Boulevard and Brush Street in the Arden Park district. It’s 5,000 square feet, with six bedrooms and three and a half baths. A big stone fireplace sits in the living room and a well-maintained, beautiful staircase leads to the upper floors. It was renovated in the past few years and still has room for more updates from the new owners, including a third floor that could be a master suite, a basement that can be finished , and a two-story guest house that could be turned into rental property (carriage house) or an airbnb unit. A massive deck overlooks a pretty large yard, and it also comes with a two-car garage. Have a look!