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The GM Renaissance Center has an app to help visitors find their way around

It can even be combined with Pokémon Go

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Have you ever gotten lost while walking through the Renaissance Center? You’re not the only one! Now the Ren Cen, which has its own zip code, is the only mixed-use retail building of its kind to develop and launch a wayfinder app dedicated to providing navigation of the 5.5 million square foot buildings.

It can even be used with Pokémon Go, which, if you’ve been in the Ren Cen lately, you’ve likely noticed the many Pokémon Go players wandering through the walkways.

The wayfinder app was developed in conjunction with the renovation that the GM Ren Cen is undergoing. The wayfinder app will communicate construction updates, provide navigation of the building, and offer searchable dining and shopping options.

The GM Ren Cen worked with indoor mapping and location platform provider Aisle411 Inc. to develop this first-of-its-kind iOS mobile application. Aisle411 used Apple’s indoor positioning provided by the CoreLocation API in iOS to enable an engaging user experience with realtime indoor navigation of Levels A, 1, and 2.

Yes, it is only available for Apple users.

When the app opens it automatically shows the user’s position inside the GM Ren Cen as a blue dot and guests are able to request directions to locations in the building. Users can search for specific places or categories like "food" and the app will route the user from their current location to their end destination.

Many areas on those main levels are closed off due to construction right now. According to a GM Ren Cen representative, Pokémon Go players can utilize the wayfinder app by toggling back and forth to help direct people around the building who are catching Pokémon an away from any restricted areas and navigational changes since construction has begun.

The 110,000-square-foot renovation of the Ren Cen will include a much bigger, brighter, visitor-friendly showroom for GM storytelling experiences, retail space, and in the future, that big LED screen outside on Jefferson.


The first phase of the interior project has a timeline for finishing in Summer 2017. The GM Ren Cen Wayfinder App is available now for Apple iOS devices and can be downloaded for free in the App Store.

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