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This renovated Boston Edison home is only asking $175K

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1675 Longfellow Michelle & Chris Gerard

We found a new listing in Boston Edison that is super cute, move-in ready, and pretty reasonable in price. It’s located on Longfellow, close to Rosa Parks (this could be your neighbor on the next block). It’s 1,776 square feet, and it’s listing for $174,900.

First, the downside. It doesn’t have much of a backyard. It does have a garage and driveway, but hardly any grass. If you’re creative with landscaping, it can be pretty cute (as the pictures show). There’s also a little balcony with room for a chair and small table. It has nice wood trim throughout, plus some great built-ins and french doors. The kitchen is newer with an awkward, older kitchen layout (the refrigerator is off to one end). The attic is unfinished, but looks like it could be additional living space. There are three bedrooms and one and a half baths.