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Highland Park’s Avalon Village to receive prefab house

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It’s a gift from The Ellen Degeneres Show and Cocoon9

Mama Shu with the renderings of Avalon Village in May
Michelle & Chris Gerard

We’ve been following the story of Avalon Village since this spring, when a fundraising campaign was started to help take on blight in their neighborhood and turn it into beauty. This story has gained national attention, and yesterday, Shamayim "Mama Shu" Harris appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show. We knew it would be exciting, and according to Avalon Village, here’s what happened.

"A few weeks earlier, a camera crew and a producer from Ellen visited Avalon Village. They spent two long days with us in the sweltering August heat speaking with Mama Shu and other members of the team, witnessing the construction of The Homework House, meeting some of our students at Hood Camp, and getting a feel for Highland Park and the blighted neighborhood we are transforming. We were so proud to show them all we’ve done and all we plan to do in the future."

And then at the show...

"Following a quick commercial break, the next thing we knew, there was ELLEN talking about Avalon Village. A videotaped story showed the footage and an interview the camera crew recorded during their visit. Then, Mama Shu came dancing onto the stage to the song "We Are Family" with her gleaming smile and all of her vibrant energy. We were floored when Ellen told us a Cocoon 9 home valued at $100,000 would be gifted to the village. They’re so cool! Check out the different models here!"

You can watch the video segment below.

No word yet on where the Cocoon9 house will go or when it will be there, but we’ll get some pictures for you when it is. Cocoon9 describes their prefab homes as "light and airy with nine-foot, floor-to-ceiling windows that open entire rooms to maximize space and comfort."

The Grand Opening celebration starts September 23 at Avalon Village. All are welcome. We’ll be stopping back to see their progress soon.

24 Avalon Street, Highland Park

24 Avalon St, Highland Park, MI 48203, USA