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University District house with spectacular kitchen makes big ask at $375K

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There’s no doubt that the University District is full of wonderful homes and beautiful streets. While many sold earlier this year, quite a few are lingering on the market right now. Are they asking a bit too much for the neighborhood? One new listing is in great condition and it has a gorgeous kitchen. In the listing itself, the owner laments giving up the house due to a work transfer. It’s 3,700 square feet with great landscaping. The ask? $375,000.

First, let’s take a look at this kitchen because we rarely see this kind of quality.

The house has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, plenty of original details, modern upgrades, and the listing states that over $450,000 has been invested into it. Well then. It also has a wine cellar, a landscaped pond in the backyard, and plenty of system upgrades. It’s certainly one of the nicest houses we’ve seen in the neighborhood. Do you think it can get that price?