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Welcome to Micro Week, which starts right now

Celebrating the little things

Tiny home
This house is 300 square feet!
Michelle & Chris Gerard

Detroit isn’t necessarily a leader in the tiny house movement. It’s a big city (area-wise) with big mansions, a lot of empty houses, and a lot of land. But we’re looking at things in a new way, and this week we’re celebrating all things small. It’s Micro Week across the Curbed universe, and we’re showing you the little things in this big city.


We’ve seen some innovative ideas lately in that regard, most visibly in the community of tiny homes being built for the low-income population by Cass Community Social Services. We’re also seeing density added downtown, as micro-apartments are being built right this very minute. This week, we’ll show you around some smaller neighborhoods, smaller parks and public spaces, and some smaller lofts for sale. No worries, we’ll also bring you all the great homes for sale and development news throughout the week. Sweet! Time to downsize!

Have an idea? We’re always listening on the tip line.