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DDOT announces major service expansion; adds Eastern Market service

Now we’re getting somewhere!

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Yesterday, DDOT announced its biggest bus service expansion in 20 years, with the addition of express service on major routes and 24-hour service on certain lines. By the time all of the services are implemented in January, over 1,500 trips per week will be added.

The first wave of expanded service begins Saturday, Sept. 3rd. DDOT will add the first three of six new 24-hour routes across the city. Three more will be added in January, for a total of nine 24-hour routes citywide. Until early this year, when DDOT added around-the-clock service to Woodward, Gratiot, and Grand River, there were no 24-hour routes in the city.


In September, DDOT also will begin a new Saturday-only nonstop round-trip service to Eastern Market from every City Council District. This new service, called the Fresh Wagon, came from community meetings and customer feedback. These routes have fun names like Fuji, Granny Smith, and Gala. A full schedule of locations and times are available on the city’s website.

DDOT will also be adding five new express routes that will help connect residents to the city’s major job centers. DDOT says commute times could be cut by 30 minutes for passengers on these routes.

  • #95: Northeast (E Outer Dr) to downtown
  • #96: West (Joy Rd) to downtown
  • #92: Northwest (Grand River) to downtown
  • #89: Southwest (Fort, Vernor) to DMC, Wayne State, Henry Ford Hospital
  • #80: East (Jefferson, Lafayette) to DMC, Wayne State, Henry Ford Hospital

DDOT will announce more direct and express service routes in January. DDOT also says they will also hire 80 new bus drivers, 30 of which start in September and the expected arrival of 20 new DDOT coaches in spring 2017. The remaining 50 new bus drivers will be hired by the second expansion in January 2017.


Updated service includes:

24-hour routes

Effective Sept. 3:

  • #14 Crosstown
  • #16 Dexter
  • #45 Seven Mile

Effective January 2017:

  • #25 Jefferson
  • #37 Michigan
  • #48 Van Dyke-Lafayette

Express/Direct bus service

Effective Sept. 3:

  • #95 Ryan Express
  • Connects to Downtown via East Outer Drive, Ryan, Nevada, Conant, Caniff, Lumpkin, Holbrook, and I-75.
  • #96 Joy Express
  • Connects to Downtown via Evergreen, Joy, and I-96.

Effective January 2017:

  • #80 Villages Direct — Connects to Midtown via Jefferson, Lafayette, Rivard, Russell, Wilkins, Brush, Canfield, and Cass.
  • #89 Southwest Direct — Connects to Midtown via Bassett, Schaefer, Fort, I-75, Springwells, Vernor, Michigan, Trumbull, Warren, and Cass.
  • #92 Rosedale Express — Connects to Downtown via Pembroke, Evergreen, Grand River, and I-96

Other Service Improvements

Effective Sept. 3:

  • #14 Crosstown — Extended to Warren & Telegraph
  • #17 Eight Mile — Expanded Morning and late night service 7 days a week

Effective January 2017:

  • #22 Greenfield — Expanded Morning and late night service 7 days a week
  • #25 Jefferson — More Frequent Service 7 days a week
  • #37 Michigan — More Frequent Service 7 days a week