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Price Drop: 116-year-old home needing complete rehab asks $50K

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Are we there yet?

A few months ago, we featured this great house that received quite a bit of attention. Built in 1900, it has over 2,400 square feet, an amazing turret, and a lot of potential. It was listing for $60,000 at the time and our readers thought that the price was asking too much considering the amount of work that was needed and the money that would be poured into it. Now it’s down to $50,000. Are we getting closer to a good price?

We’ve seen other houses recently "near" the M-1 rail (a few blocks away from it, to be fair) asking for far more. This one is north of Boston Edison, so it's a bit further away. This house has five bedrooms, one and a half baths, a great staircase, and seems like a house that people dream about restoring to its grandeur. But the neighborhood might not be there yet and there is so much money that could go into this restoration. Here’s a refresher on what the inside looks like.