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Rejoice! Woodward should be cleared of M-1 construction by Thanksgiving

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Happy Holidays, Detroit!

It’s not this bad anymore
Michelle & Chris Gerard

We’re fans of good news, and this is good news for anyone who drives in Detroit. Organizers of the M-1 rail, QLINE, streetcar, Woodward People Mover have announced that construction of the 6.6-mile loop project should be cleared by Thanksgiving.

In addition to the construction clearing announcement, Bill Shea from Crain’s Business Detroit reports that organizers are still trying to find funding to cover operations, and only have enough for about seven years of operating right now.

"[Matt] Cullen said M-1 has seven years' worth of operational funding covered. He said M-1 expects fare box revenue and other forms of income, such as advertising sales, to cover about half of the annual operating costs. The remainder would come from the reserve fund."

"If passenger fare expectations hold up, M-1 would end up needing just $18.7 million to cover the remaining three years of operational costs."

As long as the M-1 can pass all its safety tests, it could be up and running by April.

Woodward will be clear for the Thanksgiving Day parade and Lion’s game.