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Stately Boston Edison home asks $330K

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Flipped and ready

It's pretty insane how quickly some of these flips happen here. This 3,557-square-foot home in Boston Edison was purchased this May for $105,000. It's completely renovated now, and listing for $329,900.

It's located toward the west end of Boston Edison, where we've seen quite a few houses list lately (and there are many more that need renovating). One of the main issues in the area, as we've heard many say, is that there's no retail and restaurants close by. It is fairly close to the Lodge, though, so could be quick to get to where you need to go.

This is a nice looking home, with dark hardwood floors throughout. The listing doesn't include any pictures of the kitchen or the living room, which would be helpful. The house has five bedrooms, three and a half baths (some that are a bright yellow), a basement that's not scary looking, and a new roof. We sure would like to see that kitchen, though.