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Sleek Mies townhouse asks $360K

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1402 Nicolet Michelle & Chris Gerard

We know what you’re thinking. "It’s been 10 days, Curbed Detroit. When will there be another Mies van der Rohe listing?" We got you. Much like this spring, we’re seeing a flurry of these midcentury modern townhomes hit the market. This one’s a beauty, though. Like the rest, it has three bedrooms, one and a half baths, and a basement for storage or extra living space. This one also has really nice views of the park. It’s listing for $359,900.

The kitchen is better looking than many we’ve seen, with light maple cabinetry along one wall and no cabinets on the opposite one, which makes the constraining galley kitchen at least look a little bigger (while still having plenty of storage). The floors are polished concrete and look incredible with this design. HOA fees are $841 a month (info about those can be found at Mies Detroit). Have a look and tell us what you think.