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What will the next round of tiny homes in Detroit look like?

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They’re really cute

We’ve been following the story of Cass Community Social Services building a community of tiny homes for the low-income population in Detroit. While tiny homes are quite popular in other parts of the country, this is a pretty new, bold idea for Detroit. The first one was revealed a couple weeks ago, and is being used as a model as the next few are built. We checked in with Reverend Fowler and the crew at CCSS and they shared with us the next homes that will be built this fall.

To recap, each house will be 250-400 square feet, with similar amenities, but each will look different. Residents will need an income to qualify for the project. A 300-square-foot home will cost $300 in rent each month, plus heating, which should only be about $32 per month in the winter. They’re using a rent-to-own model, with tenants graduating from a rental lease to a land contract, with potential full ownership rights of the home after seven years.


The first model tiny home is located on Elmhurst Street. According to Rev. Fowler, the next six will be located on the next two streets north, Monterey and Richton. Here’s what the next round of tiny homes will look like. [Images provided by Cass Community Social Services]

This bungalow is 356 square feet and will be located on Monterey.
Tumbleweed Tiny House Company
This little cabin is 392 square feet and will be located on Monterey.
Hobbitat Spaces
The Marie Colvin is 288 square feet and will be located on Richton.
Four Lights
This very modern tiny house is 13' x 24 with a porch and will be located on Richton.
Quiet Leap Designs
This Katrina Cottage is 308 square feet and will be located on Richton.

Rev. Fowler says, "As soon as the paperwork clears the City departments, utilities will be run and foundations will be poured." These ones should go up this fall, and they’re fundraising to build 25 total in the community.