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Aviation Sub beauty asks $150K

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It’s a treat to see great listings in the Aviation Subdivision, a small neighborhood that spans across Detroit and Dearborn. This listing today is on Oakman Boulevard on the Detroit side, and it’s a gem. It’s 2,100 square feet with a two-car garage and a big yard. It’s priced at $149,999.

The house has beautiful wood floors and built-ins throughout. There’s also a wood-paneled den and four fireplaces. The kitchen is spacious and could use updating, if the new owners were so inclined. There’s an impressive staircase leading upstairs and a very retro rec room in the basement. It also has central air. The yard looks like it could be a lot of work, but could also provide a nice private oasis. This is a good price for a house that is in good shape, but could use some updates in the years to come. It’s also close to a lot of restaurants in Dearborn. Have a look and tell us what you think.