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Detroit Rent Comparisons: Small spaces edition

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These are some awkward kitchens

Welcome to this week's installment of Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent in various Detroit neighborhoods. This week we’re downsizing and keeping with the Micro Week theme by looking at some of the smaller listings around the city. They might not be micro apartments (coming soon to Detroit!), but they’re some of the smaller rentals available. We hope you like take-out because these kitchens are tiny! Room for one (or a very cozy two) available?

This first listing is a studio in a newly remodeled building in Southwest on Grand Boulevard. It’s only 400 square feet. It has very pretty much no counter space, so you might want to bring a small cart to work on. It’s listing for $525 per month, plus electric.

This next one is the biggest listing on our comps, coming in at a massive 600 square feet. It’s in a remodeled house on Commonwealth in Woodbridge. It’s one bedroom, one bath, and has a really pretty fireplace. And yes, that kitchen is tiny. Parking is available behind the building. The price? $850 per month. Contact The Loft Warehouse to apply 313-658-6400.

This apartment on Glynn Court just outside Boston Edison has, wait, is that a kitchen in a closet? One bedrooms and studios start at $525 per month and heat and water are included.

Briggs Houze will be open in October in Grand Circus Park, and they still have studios available. You’ll get all new appliances in an all new apartment. They’re located just down the street from Comerica Park, and studios are 435 square feet and start at $870 per month.

This studio in Midtown has a slightly bigger kitchen than the rest, but it’ll cost you. This 582 square foot apartment is at Garfield and Woodward, so it’s right near the M-1 and everything Midtown. It’s going for $1050 per month.