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Small business roundup: SMPLFD, Douglas & Co, The Farmer’s Hand, and The Ten open for business

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Clothing, leather, grocery, and nails

SMPLFD at 1480 Gratiot

It’s been a busy month for business openings in Detroit. We’re catching up with a few storefronts and studios that have recently opened or are just about to.

SMPLFD just opened their storefront at 1480 Gratiot (seen above) in Eastern Market, just down the street from Antietam. The three-man operation has been around since 2007, when they opened an e-commerce operation. In 2010 they started expanding into local retailers. In 2013, they launched the design side of their business, working with Shinola, MOCAD, Standard Barber, Detroit Skate Factory, and more. They offer a range of garments and accessories, along with a brand new line of basics. The basics line includes USA-made, high quality necessities like white and black tees, crewneck sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers, 511 Levis, Vans, headwear, and more. They also have a vintage line in the store.


In the North End, Douglas and Co. opened in August in an 800-square-foot studio and retail space at 609 E. Milwaukee St., in the garage of the former Peerless Machine Weighing Co. In 2014, Shane and Melissa Douglas started to design bags, totes, clutches and wallets, hand-crafted, from leather, out of a loft in Milwaukee Junction. Their retail space offers these items, plus candles, long bill wallets, hand-stitched flags, and computer/document portfolios. Hours are Tuesday-Tursday 12-5 and Saturday 11-2.

Shane and Melissa Douglas
Douglas & Co.

The Grand Opening for The Farmer’s Hand, an all-local, woman-owned market at Bagley & Trumbull in Corktown, is set for September 30. From their site, they are "Part grocery, part cafe, part year round farmers market, part cafe, we also provide an accessible, convenient and unique venue for local growers and producers to sell their products at a fair price, retain their identity, earn a living wage, and connect with our customers in an authentic and meaningful way."

Bagley & Trumbull Michelle & Chris Gerard

And opening Friday, September 23 is The Ten, a women-owned eco-friendly nail salon, in the Malcomson Building in Capitol Park. It’s the only nail salon downtown and they had a manicure table custom built to have ventilation incorporated into the surface. All guests are offered complimentary wine or champagne while getting their nails done.

The Malcomson
Michelle & Chris Gerard

This is only a few of the many that have been opening all over town. Is your business opening a new storefront in a great space? Let us know on our tip line!