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Corktown loft garners record sale

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$412 per square foot

Grinnell Place Loft Jim Tumey

We’ve learned about a big off-the-market sale, this one in the Grinnell Place Lofts on Brooklyn Street in Corktown. Jim Tumey from the Loft Warehouse says it’s a two-bedroom, two bath, two-level penthouse loft. It comes in at 1,290 square feet, and sold to an undisclosed buyer for $531,313.

That’s $412 per square foot. This is a big deal for Corktown.

Tumey describes the loft as a two-story penthouse level loft with two private outdoor spaces, one balcony off the living area and a rooftop terrace. There’s a guest suite on the first floor and master suite on the second level. The kitchen has a custom Restoration Hardware light fixture and the loft has original wood flooring. Grinnell Place lofts have enormous windows, and from the penthouse, you can get quite the view. There’s also a parking garage and gated parking lot.

The deal was never brought to the market, says Tumey, and another loft may be available soon. Here’s a look inside this big Corktown penthouse.