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What can $200K buy you in Detroit?

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Townhouse? Condo? Single family home?

Last week, we took a look at a few houses available for under $150,000 in Detroit. Over 1,000 votes were cast for the houses our readers were most interested in, with a house in East English Village garnering the most, and an enormous house on Atkinson coming in at a close second. This week, we’re raising our budget a little, and looking at a few homes that come in under $200,000. Take a look, vote, and tell us what you think. These are very different than the last batch.

We’re starting small, with a 764-square-foot condo at Garden Court. They’re newly remodeled and the bathroom in this one has pretty nice finishes. This one is a corner unit with views of the city, but the kitchen is kind of small. It has one bedroom and a washer and dryer in the unit. It’s listing for $190,000 with HOA fees of $263 per month.

We really wish there were more pictures of this University District house because the exterior is downright charming. The interior pics only show us the corners of a few empty rooms, and a dreary kitchen. The listing tells us it has three bedrooms and one bath. It’s listing for $165,000.

This Hubbard Farms house has some pretty great woodwork inside. It has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and over 2,500 square feet. The upstairs has some not-so-great carpeting, but the downstairs has decent hardwood floors. The price? $159,500.

This Woodbridge townhouse has been on and off the market all summer. It has good hardwood floors and some charming detail. It has three bedrooms, one bathroom, and it’s located near Wayne State. It’s listing for $167,000.