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Eastern Market After Dark: A photo tour

Plus, a sneak peek at many of the new murals

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Eastern Market was lit Thursday night, with muralists finishing their work throughout the district, parties around every corner, and sheds hosting artists and parties. Our photographers Michelle and Chris Gerard captured the scene before the festivities were in full swing, including visiting some of the galleries like the Red Bull House of Art and 1xRun Warehouse, where many of the visiting muralists had limited edition prints.

Artists, vendors, and musicians were set up throughout the sheds and streets, visitors painted couches from Art Van (really), and bikes were lit up all over the streets. It was all part of the Detroit Design Festival, which continues through the weekend. (A full schedule can be found here). And if you missed anything in the market, check the Murals in the Market website for more events. Here are a few of the sights and sounds from Thursday night

And we caught a peek at a few of the murals going up through the district. A full list of the artists can be found at the Murals in the Market site. We’ll have more next week, but in case you’re heading to the market soon, here’s a look at some of the new ones to see.

Eastern Market

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