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Boston Edison renovation drops price to just under $200K

One of many renovated houses on the block

Lately, we’ve featured many Boston Edison homes that have been renovated in the past couple years. Boston Edison does have some of this biggest, most historic homes in the city, plus it’s a large neighborhood, with over 900 homes.

We recently chatted with a friend who works in the neighborhood, who says the block on Edison between Third and the Lodge has seen many renovations lately, and the long-time residents are noticing. Around five or six homes have been renovated in the past year. An improvement in those houses have led to more owners making improvements, and the overall quality of the block and neighborhood has increased.

We featured this house, which is located on that block, back in July when it had been listed on the market, and a tipster had filled us in its history. Now we have some more info from neighbors, along with a price drop. In July, it listed for $249,000. Now, it’s listing for $199,900.

It had quite the story, with a squatter trying to take care of it for a while, and now it’s been completely renovated. It has four bedrooms and one bathroom. Will it find a new owner to be a part of this great neighborhood?