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4 Midtown apartment buildings are up for sale

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How much will they go for?

A few weeks ago, Curbed Detroit commenters suggested forming an investment group to start getting involved in some of these properties. Here’s your chance, readers.

New to the market are a few residential properties in Midtown. They’re being sold through Berkadia. The property listing includes four buildings, which have had some renovations in recent years. The properties have a total of 85 units. The cost? Unpriced. (Should we take a guess and name a price?)

One of the properties, 663 Prentis, has had significant renovations. 24 of its 29 units have been renovated with new kitchens, hardwood floors, HVAC, the works. 675 Willis and 665 Willis are also up for sale. The fourth one at 479 Willis is prepped for redevelopment for either condos or apartments, and located right across from Willy’s Overland Lofts.

More information can be found at the Midtown Detroit Portfolio site. Berkadia, who is selling the properties, is excited about the historically high student and young professional population in Midtown. They should also be excited about the new boutique hotel just announced.

So what do you say, Curbed Detroit Investment Partners? Are you in?