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Get your groceries delivered in Detroit with new app

Shipt is in Detroit

Michelle & Chris Gerard

In a city that's lacking in grocery options, shoppers can now rejoice! Shipt, an app that delivers groceries to you, is live in Detroit.

It’s been running for a couple weeks now. Basically, you order from the app, someone shops at Meijer for you, and delivers in a pretty reasonable amount of time.

It does cost, of course. There’s a $99 annual plan (you’ll also get $25 in groceries), or a $14 monthly plan if you just want to try it out. Members also get discount codes that they can share with friends, too.

Has anyone tried it yet? We’ve actually heard some pretty positive feedback. How’s it working? Any difficulties?

It seems to be going well, at least for the company. The Free Press reported last week that the company is looking to hire 200 more drivers. They can set their own schedule, much like Uber.

Now, will more restaurants start delivering to more neighborhoods? Please???