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Develop Detroit acquires New Center and North End apartment buildings

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Development + community engagement

Back in the spring, the non-profit group Develop Detroit was launched to address housing needs in underserved neighborhoods. Now, they’ve acquired their first two buildings right near each other.

The first is the Marwood Apartments at 53 Marston Street. The project to develop this property will start next summer. According to the press release, in addition to renovating the 53 existing apartments, Develop Detroit will add up to 60 new apartment units to the block. Existing residents will have the opportunity to either stay in their current apartment or lease one of the new apartments built next door, at a rental rate that is commensurate with their income level.

Develop Detroit is working with Vanguard Community Development Center and will hold meetings with residents and neighbors on this project.

The other building is right across Woodward at 93 Seward - Midtown Square. This affordable apartment community has struggled financially in recent years, and will remain an accessible option for income-restricted residents as Develop Detroit and John Stanley, Inc. stabilize the property.

"The immediate short-term goal is to stabilize the property, which will improve the neighborhood and provide much needed affordable housing for the community," said Saki Middleton, president of John Stanley, Inc. "The long-term plan is to substantially rehabilitate the property and we look forward to working with Develop Detroit to do just that."

"After months of planning and negotiation, we’re proud to announce these projects and see our mission come to life in the city’s neighborhoods," said Sonya Mays, Develop Detroit CEO. "We look forward to immersing ourselves in these communities and helping to create safe, healthy, affordable housing for all residents. For Develop Detroit, it is of the utmost importance to put first, the people that have long called these neighborhoods home and to make sure their communities experience the same kind of investment and advancement that some of the city’s more resourced areas have benefited from."

Develop Detroit will work with neighbors and residents in town hall style meetings and events to engage the community throughout the development process.

We may have more renderings and plans for the developments in the near future.

The neighborhood is a few blocks north of where the new QLINE ends, and a few blocks south of the historic Boston Edison neighborhood. We’ve seen many apartment buildings and older homes for sale in this area lately, and can only imagine this area between New Center and Boston Edison will be changing in the upcoming years.