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Charming Sherwood Forest home asks $305K

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Some updating required

19503 Roslyn Redfin

We love seeing a good Sherwood Forest home hit the market. The neighborhood is tucked away off Livernois and Seven Mile, right next to the posh Palmer Park. It has winding streets and gorgeous substantial homes. This new listing looks to be well-maintained through many years. Clearly, it could use some updating. It’s 3,500 square feet with a landscaped yard and it’s listing for $305,000.

This is the kind of house where you see the pictures and think, how could I make this my own? The listing says there’s hardwood floors underneath the carpeting, so that’s a start. And many of the rooms have somewhat bright paint, which would help. There’s also wallpaper here and there that can be taken off. The kitchen? It’s spacious and could use some updating. But it’s a solid house, with five bedrooms, three and a half baths, and pretty great curb appeal. What do you think, Curbed readers?