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Murals in the Market: A photo tour

We can’t choose a favorite

Murals in the Market 2
Artist: Chris Saunders
Michelle & Chris Gerard

Over the past couple weeks, over 40 new murals have been created throughout Eastern Market by over 50 muralists from around the world, including quite a few hometown artists from Detroit. The murals are located in all corners of the market, from the warehouses over by Mack, to the sides of businesses off Russell and Orleans, to across Gratiot.

The murals have added bursts of color to the market, in the forms of patterns, animals, portraits, and words. We added some additional pictures just to show the sheer size of the murals.

Murals in the Market 2

Our photographers Michelle and Chris Gerard have photographed many of the murals, some in progress and many completed. There are more in the market (we didn’t catch them all), and even a map at the official Murals at the Market site. We think it’s more fun to walk or bike around and discover them for yourselves. Behold! Our galleries of the 2016 Murals in the Market!