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The Kean Apartments will go up for auction in November

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Along with the Hibbard and Trombley-Lodge

According to the commercial auction website Ten-x, the Kean Apartments, along with the Hibbard and Trombley apartment buildings, will be up for auction. These buildings are located just east of Indian Village on East Jefferson.

The Kean Apartments, an art deco gem in the city, has 49 Units on 16 stories. Hibbard Tower has 46 Units on 10 stories and the Trombley-Lodge Residences has 40 Units on 4 stories.

The starting bid for the three buildings together is $2,000,000.

Two of the buildings, the Kean and Hibbard, were bought by Triton Properties in 2013.

The Kean is an impressive art deco apartment tower designed by Charles Noble in 1931. (He also designed Lee Plaza and the Elwood Bar and Grill). The Hibbard was designed by Robert O. Derrick. Both the Kean and Hibbard are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Does anyone live there or know what the interiors or conditions are like? Feel free to comment or contact us on the tip line.


8925 East Jefferson Avenue, , MI 48214 (313) 822-0808