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Perfect midcentury modern home in Bloomfield Hills sells for just below asking

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Back in July, we showed you one of the most beautiful midcentury modern homes we’ve seen. Located in Bloomfield Hills near Cranbrook, it was designed in 1958 in the Usonian style by Harold Turner, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Master Builder. It listed for $749,000 and just sold for $737,500.

It’s an incredible combination of natural materials and floor to ceiling windows, exposing the lush property. Pecky cypress, slate, granite, and brick are all utilized here, with massive fireplaces, cool flooring, and sliding doors leading to an expansive deck. The master suite has high ceilings, massive windows, and a warm fireplace. The master bath is like a spa, with light materials, natural light, and an oversized shower. The property itself is two acres of forest and green. There’s a spare room, a sun room, and inviting outdoor space. It’s a special house and one we could daydream about forever. Here’s one last look inside.

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