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Restore this Arden Park home, yours for $155K

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So much potential!

We love finding houses that seem to have great potential, and it’s even better if they’re in a neighborhood we don’t see homes for sale very often. We’ve seen some work in Arden Park on TV lately, and this new listing looks like it could have quite a bit of potential too. It’s 3,800 square feet, and at $41 per square foot, it’s listing at $155,000.

It certainly needs quite a bit of work before it’s ready for new residents. Many walls need to be replaced, the floors should be refinished, and we don’t even see what the kitchen looks like. But it still has a lot of good, original details. The rooms are spacious, with big bay windows downstairs. There’s a big fireplace and nice woodwork throughout. The bathrooms still have their original tiling. And the exterior could use some sprucing up. This could be absolutely stunning with the right vision, contractor, and funding. What do you think, Curbed readers?