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Sold in Detroit: How did these houses do on the market?

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An update on some of our featured homes

It’s been a big summer for some big home sales in Detroit. We saw an Albert Kahn-designed Indian Village stunner snag $850,000, a Boston Edison beauty somehow going for below asking, and so many Mies van der Rohe units selling for above asking price. We’re rounding up a few more favorites that have recently found new owners.

Woodbridge is hot right now, and we love to daydream about restoring these beautiful homes. This 111-year-old, 3,700+ square foot home listed in July for $324,000. It had a third floor suite, exposed brick, gorgeous woodwork, and an odd kitchen layout. It just sold for $356,100.

We thought this renovated Green Acres home was a pretty good deal. This two-bedroom home had a modern, almost condo-like feel to it, with some charm added in. It listed in July for $99,900 and sold for an even $100,000.

We also saw plenty of fixer-uppers on the market. This Boston Edison house was in the same family for years. It had a lot of mechanical updates, but could use some cosmetic ones. It listed for $95,900 and sold for way over asking price at $122,500.

This Boston Edison fixer upper needed a lot of work. The listing said it had been "meticulously partially deconstructed." Someone saw the beauty and decided to take on a new project. It listed for $89,900 and sold for $92,000.

We featured this 116-year-old house in a fixer upper roundup, and didn’t have any interior pics. It went from listing at $90,000, then up to $120,000 and sold in July for exactly $90,000.

Is there a house you’re keeping an eye on? Let us know in the comments and we’ll post an update in the future.