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What should happen to the National Theatre?

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This block could be up next for redevelopment

Robin Runyan

Last week, the Detroit News reported that the city had renewed interest in the National Theatre, or at least in redeveloping the block. According to the article,

""The Monroe Block and land around the National Theatre, as well as the theater property itself, are important targets for redevelopment," Bob Rossbach, spokesman for the Detroit Economic Development Corporation, told The Detroit News in an email.

Rossbach said there is no timeline for any redevelopment and declined to further comment on the theater or surrounding area."

The theatre, designed by Albert Kahn in 1911, has been abandoned for 40 years and sits near a bustling Cadillac Square. The theatre is now owned by the city.

The interior has been exposed to the elements for years. Is it too far gone? We’ve seen much bigger restorations in the past. Could the next phase include saving the facade for whatever comes next, or should the developers try to save the whole thing? There’s certainly plenty of opportunity in that area. What would you like to see develop here, Curbed readers?

National Theatre

National Theatre, 118 Monroe Ave, Detroit, MI 48226, USA