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Detroit renters give terrible grade to the city, according to new survey

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Shocking, right?

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Apartment List released the results of their United States Renter Survey today and the Motor City didn’t fare well. Detroit renters gave the city a D overall in the survey.

The lowest category was, not surprisingly, the schools, which participants gave an F.

Other problem areas included local jobs and career opportunities, safety, state and local taxes, and the weather (hey, there’s only so much we can do about that!), which all received a D.

Participants were OK (relatively) with the affordability and access to public transportation, which they rated a C.

The best category? Apparently these renters were in pet-friendly apartments, giving that category a B-.

Detroit’s full results can be found here.

Overall, Michigan fared pretty well, with the state receiving high marks for schools, affordability, and safety. Hmmm.

Apartment List

The study had more than 30,000 respondents nationwide, making it the largest survey focused exclusively on renters.