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This Cass Corridor property is business in the front, party in the back

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For nearly $6,000 a month

This live/work space on Peterboro is so close to so many things, yet so far from its neighbors. It’s situated between Midtown and the new arena district, and down the street from the old Chinatown, which now has a few businesses and restaurant. This property has a 1000-square-foot commercial storefront with a kitchen, and in the back has a three bedroom home. It’s renting for $5,850 a month.

The commercial space looks like it would be good for a cafe, coffee shop, diner, or bar. It also has a handicap-accessible bathroom and big windows out front. The house has a big two-story main living space and some historic details. We’re not sure if the mannequins are included. There’s also a fully fenced backyard. Don't want to live there? There's an option to just rent the retail space out front. It’s definitely not the kind of property we see every day. What kind of business would you start here?