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Sweet 109-year-old Woodbridge home asks $269K

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Excellent woodwork

4823 Commonwealth Michelle & Chris Gerard

Woodbridge is full of some of the most beautiful streets in Detroit. And from what we’ve seen, many houses that are listing have been kept up or restored beautifully. This one is no different. Built in 1907, this house has been with the same owners for a few decades. It has gorgeous woodwork in the downstairs living spaces and a big open backyard. It’s listing for $269,000.

The house has 2,372 square feet, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, big bay windows, and a tiled fireplace. The woodwork is really the star in this house, though, giving it a warm feel. The bedrooms seem to be a good size and the attic can be finished for more living space. The kitchen is a bit awkward, as we’ve seen in a few of these houses. But it’s a beautiful house that’s been maintained throughout the years. Take a look.