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Nicole Curtis is hosting an open house in Ferndale this weekend

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There will be lines

At her last big project in Detroit, the Ransom-Gillis house
Michelle & Chris Gerard

Fans of the energetic and charismatic Rehab Addict, rejoice! Nicole Curtis will be hosting an open house for a home at 1676 Pearson Street in Ferndale that she’s been rehabbing. The Open House will be on Sunday from 12pm-2pm. Those who plan on going might want to bring a lawn chair, snacks, and water — these lines can get pretty long. Here are the details from her facebook event announcement:

"Well, I thought I would switch this up and show you a fabulous house that I found at auction a few months back. Wasn't looking for another project, but I fell in love and had to have it. Plus, it brought me back to my favorite Ferndale neighborhood, did you know my first historic renovation was right here in this fabulous city? As always, we are raising funds for a family in need. I recently learned that my classmate's daughter was in an auto accident and the $ raised is going to help them with expenses so they can focus on each other rather than stress about everything else. We kindly ask for $5 per head, exact change is great & saying "keep the change" is even better. We know some families have tight budgets (please if this is an issue just let us know-no one is ever left out). This house is actually finished (yes!) so all ages are welcome. There is a drop-off area at the front of the line for anyone who cannot stand long or needs assistance. The house does not have a ramp:( Also, there are TWO lines-Line #1: the elderly, disabled or just special circumstance and Line #2: those of you blessed with good health who will survive waiting patiently. The line looks long, but my group of experienced VOLUNTEERS (please remember to tell them thank you as for some this is there 4th year doing it !!) will get everyone through fast. I suggest bringing camp chairs, snacks, water and MUST BRING SMILES AND GREAT ATTITUDES. Our opens are what makes my work worthwhile and I will be on hand taking your cash, photos and reminding you of how important these events are for the families we are helping !!!

****EXACT ADDRESS WILL BE RELEASED ON SATURDAY-I NEED SOME PEACE TIL THEN:):) ALSO LINE IS CLOSED OFF AT 2 PM exactly so make sure you are there before then-my crew needs to get home to their families:)"

We found a few sneak peeks on her Instagram account for a little Ferndale preview.

Unsure if it's original ? Look underneath - it will be stamped with a date -just had this one reglazed #ferndale

A photo posted by Nicole Curtis (@detroitdesign) on

Score!!!!!!! Just noticed this time around the fireplace . #ferndale #1928 #originalisbest :) #tile#oldhouse

A photo posted by Nicole Curtis (@detroitdesign) on

I can't decide !!!!! I love my big, white, bright houses. Shingles are green thoughts ??? #ferndale #thiswasgonnabeeasy :(

A photo posted by Nicole Curtis (@detroitdesign) on

It’s a great opportunity to see excellent home restoration, plus help out a family in need. Nicole Curtis has done two high profile rehabs in Detroit for her TV show — one on Grand Boulevard and of course, the Ransom-Gillis House.

1676 Pearson Ave.

1676 Pearson St, Ferndale, MI 48220, USA