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Retro Boston Edison home asks $325K

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Let’s imagine a couple is looking for their dream house; one loves the roaring 20s, the other digs the late 60s, early 70s. This may be the right house for that couple. Built in 1927 with parts of it remodeled decades later, this somewhat conflicted 4,192-square-foot Boston Edison house is listing for $325,000.

It’s a strange combination of design elements, with marble, stained glass, and a retro rec room all represented here. And we know bathrooms need mirrors, but how many mirrors do they need?

The house has five bedrooms, a pretty nice living room, a kitchen that hasn’t been touched in decades, and a grand room in the basement that has marble floors. Wet bars? Check. Narrow butler’s pantry? Check. Character? Check.

It’s located on the west side of the Lodge on Boston Boulevard, near 14th. We’ve seen a lot of listings in that area in the past six months, and hope more of the houses are fixed up soon. Will this one find the right new owner?