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Southwest multi-family property needs so much work, asks $110K

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Sometimes we see properties listed that are in dire need of rehab. First, we’re taken by what the property must have looked like in its glory days. Then we think of what it could be. Then the more pictures we see, the more dollar signs we see. This is one of those properties. Located on West Grand Boulevard in southwest Detroit, this 5,500-square-foot, three-unit property is listing for $110,000.

From the photos, it looks like there are some great elements to this home: three fireplaces, big open rooms, great built-ins. Be careful going up those stairs! This one would take a lot of work and a lot of money, so likely a good investment for someone with big dreams and cash flow. It’s located a few blocks away from West Vernor, Clark Park, and 96/75, and it’s close to Corktown and the riverfront. Live in one unit and fix up the others?