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Price Drop! Two Mies van der Rohe co-ops slash prices

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Last year, it seemed like we saw the listing and sale of the Mies van der Rohe co-ops in Lafayette Park every other week. We recently noticed a couple that were still on the market, and even though they were listing for fairly comparable (even bargain) prices, they recently cut those prices. Perhaps the colder temps led to a cooling off in sales in Lafayette Park? Here’s another look at these units.

This first one is an end unit with nice hardwood floors, carpeted rooms upstairs, and a black and white kitchen. It listed back in October for $349,000 and is now down to $325,000. HOA fees are $720 a month (HOA questions can be answered at Mies Detroit).

The second one looked like a blank slate, but it was listed at an almost bargain price of $336,900. While some updating had taken place, there’s plenty of room for a new owner to make it their own. It listed back in September and now it’s down to $322,900.