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Is Trader Joe’s coming to the CPA Building in Corktown? [Updated]

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Wishful thinking, maybe?

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Update: A representative from Trader Joe’s says, “Corktown in Detroit is not in our two year plan" When asked if any Detroit locations are in the works she says: "Not at this time." Disappointed? There’s always a location request form on their site.

A dreary Tuesday morning was brightened by the hope of a Trader Joe’s in Corktown. A sign appeared outside of the saved-for-now CPA Building. But of course, the first questions is, “Who is pulling this prank?,” followed by, “Will we ever get a Trader Joe’s in Detroit?” It is a good place for a sign, at least.

Michelle & Chris Gerard
Michelle & Chris Gerard

We’ve contacted Trader Joe’s in the slight hope that maybe, just maybe they’re considering opening a store in Detroit. The CPA Building doesn’t seem like exactly the right building for it, but hey, we’re open to ideas. We will update as soon as we hear anything.

While we’re at it, we’re always up for dreaming about where a grocery store like this might go. Corktown will be getting a lot more residents in the coming years, and we know Detroit needs more retail and grocery options. Any ideas, readers?