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Rent Joe Louis’s former home for $2,050 a month

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Don’t call it a comeback

1683 Edison Photo by Andy Schwartz - Stylish Detroit Real Estate Photography

We’ve followed the story of this Joe Louis home for a few months now. It was bought at auction in 2015 by Josh Kushnereit, who rehabbed the property (and found out that Joe Louis had lived there after he bought it). It sold at the end of December to a couple from San Francisco for $217,000. Surprise, surprise. It’s now up for rent for $2,050 a month.

It’s a four bedroom, two and a half bath home with pretty much all new everything. The extensive renovations, including roof, plumbing, electrical, kitchen, etc., can be found here. It’s located on Edison on the west side of the Lodge, near Rosa Parks. Will it find a new family to actually live there? New interior photos by James Tumey of the Loft Warehouse.